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International Tax Planning

International Tax Planning

Our expertise in the international business environment enables our staff to offer a comprehensive set of services targeting specifically to professional intermediary firms and to offer individually customized solutions that can be tailored to any specific need.

We offer guidance and advice in international tax planning, tax management, international VAT, as well as Cyprus local tax and VAT matters.

We offer  tailored Cyprus and international strategies designed to legally reduce taxes - corporate or personal, and taxable gain as a result of Business tax, Inheritance tax, Capital gains tax, VAT and other related tax.

We can efficiently and precisely set out a strategy to mitigate your ongoing liability both in Cyprus and internationally, taking into account the bigger picture.

In short, we have the knowledge and expertise to solve your international multi-jurisdictional tax issues in a timely, cost effective, straight forward and matter-of-fact way.

Tax Planning via Cyprus

Cyprus is consistently voted as the most attractive European tax regime by major business organizations and tax professionals across Europe.

Cyprus has been commended for the stability of its tax law, the consistency in interpreting its tax legislation and its low tax and VAT rates.

In summary, Cyprus is among the lowest-tax EU onshore jurisdiction. The standard corporate tax rate of 12,5% is among the lowest in the European Union, and the lowest “non-offshore jurisdiction corporate tax rate” in the world. Cyprus is now a premier holding, finance, royalty and trading company jurisdiction.