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Business Address

Business Address

Getting a mailing address is one of the first steps you should take when starting a business. Deciding on where to locate your company, either physically or virtually, is critical to the startup process.

A business mailing address is important because without it, your company will not be able to perform even the most basic of functions. The business address allows you to receive mail, open bank accounts, and provides you with an official location where you will receive correspondence.

We provide you with a business mailing address in one of the most prestigious areas in Cyprus and we can arrange to forward your mail and/or packages to you at your request.

This shows the world that your company has a solid business base which is crucial to building a successful corporate image.

In order for a business to really stand out and create growth, they will need to expand into different markets. This type of expansion can be quite costly if a business owner were to actually go out and rent a real office space only to be used on limited occasions. Setting up phone services, mail services, and a live receptionist could cost a small fortune.

Having a virtual office address enables you to do the same thing, but without incurring all those costs. For a fraction of the cost, you could have your virtual office space set up in a matter of hours and be doing business the very next day. You will have an address in a very popular area of Paphos with a telephone, fax, mail and either have your calls forwarded or answered by a receptionist.