Serviced & Virtual Offices in Paphos, Cyprus.
Conference Rooms, Cyprus Company Formation, Corporate Services.
Tel. +357 26 955050
Occasional physical office space usage

Occasional physical office space usage

All offices are supplied with commercial grade wi-fi broadband service and shared server space is available for back-up storage on the common server. These services are available to all members (fair use policy applies) without any additional charge.

Beverage facilities such as tea, coffee and iced water are also available free of charge.

Should the tenant wish to make use of our conference room or teleconferencing facilities, these may be reserved for the member's use at a charge of 150 euro per day for the large conference room and 50 euro per day for the small conference room/videoconferencing facility.

Members can make use of the shared copying/laser printing facility at a cost of 0.1 euro per page for black and white, 0.6 euro per page for colour. Our only additional charges to tenants are telephone call charges, should the tenant wish to have private landline or fax service.

All fees quoted are exclusive of VAT, which will be charged at 19%, where applicable.